Friday, June 2, 2017

Deserving of the Title

I have very few people under the "friends" category that I actually consider friends ... as you can see from my last post. But there are those that have earned the Title. Those that I know will raise me up when I need it ( especially when they are not aware that I need their strength the most )
Brandi has been the secret love of my life since Jasmine separated from me. She has been not only supportive but loving and always  uplifting. She is truly the best friend I could ever ask for. Ever. Of all time.
Katherine ( Kay ) reminds me very much of my friend from Haven and it almost brought me to tears the more she talked about herself and I realized how closely this new person is like my oldest and best friend from a place that is Haven. Jackie and Kay share horrible stigmatas in life, both hold a huge heart an  hope and faith in humanity that I have given up on so many times before. Kay is the embodiment of someone who I cannot see for a while, but having Kay has a friend fills me with awe and wonder. Maybe something is reminding me that thus world still has good people in it ... good people in my life ... That transcend even dimensions.
Zach is my adopted cousin. He is strong, both in strength and in his heart. Sometimes he is hard to get a hold of but he is that guy to get a hold of if you Wang something done. He is like me but not quite. And that is how people would say about my friend Tye. Another friend from Haven. I never would have believed in some sort of cosmic plan ... by  to have my 2 best friends from another world come into this plain of existence. Something has my ... our development in mind.
Paris (Vincent ) has survived through generations. But he was mainly associates to Theodore the Loser. However, his consult, advice, foresight and ambition has made him invaluable to United Separation and especially my own journey in TOW. He was knowledge of what was going on, even before Theodore himself was aware. I hope to allow him to be the GodFather of the LEGACY. No-one else  any world deserves the Title more so than him.
In my darkest of nights and the strictest of struggles, I must remember that besides Me, Myself and I, that I do have these 4 TOWians. These people I trust with my own development and care of affairs of United Separation ... and more so ... myself