Friday, September 16, 2016

Bobby the Thief

I swear sometimes I hate Bobby. He lies, he steals and he cheats. I would like to believe in dad's son when he treats me nice but Spencer refers to Bobby as the lazy theft of a snake of the TOW world. If he was any other nationality other than white, there would be a mudslide of racial slurs used to discribe him and his ways.

Why do I feel this way today?

Today, I went downstairs to look for a cooler for the groceries Mom and Dad are plan on getting today. The basement is also the place where I keep my surplus of stuff ( old movies i managed to keep and PS3 games in storage since I don't have a currently working PS3 ). I realized that a lot has been moved around in the basement. Especially the stuff surrounding my boxes that I stored away.

I do not remember moving them and I doubt that Michael would have moved them because he would have moved them into our room or the attic. And I would have noticed that move.

That and it wasn't like the whole box was taken. it just seems like it is light. Like it was moved through and things were taken from it.

Why do I think that it was Bobby? Because Bobby has done such things in the past. he has a tendency to do as he wants and deal with the aftermath later. That he picked up from Dad. Dad has said "that it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission". But honestly, Bobby is just a dick that does whatever he wants, when he wants, how he wants. And there has been a few times that I have wanted to pound the shit out of Bobby ( and Cj too sometimes ) because they just have this selfish, worthless view of the world and their lives! It is more like they are parasites ... or leeches ( Spencer's words ).

And they might win the fight ... but I wouldn't stay down. I couldn't. I never have really. I don't stop from broken skins and bones. My spirit wouldn't allow myself to stay down. And that is what I got over them. Once the fight started ... out of pride, out of obligation, out of status ... I wouldn't allow myself to stay down. They would have to take me out. And a guy like me would be ok going out in battle. And it has been a while.

But I shouldn't be thinking of that as an option. That shouldn't even be a concern right now. But it is. Even when Bobby has been gone for over 2 weeks now in his new location in Lancaster.

It is annoying. I am starting to regret deciding to remain in this household more and more each day.