Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Progress Report

A lot has happened in the past month. Not much progress but advancements were made.
I didn’t get the job at the video store. Rumor around town is that they only hire women so I was kinda out of luck with that one. If only I was a woman huh? Anyways, The other job at the Holiday Inn Express never got back to me even after I left three messages for the manager Julie Greely and that was something of two weeks ago. I suppose I am out of luck on that job as well.
So I went back to the drawing board and returned to the CWDS website ( the local CareerLink website that helps those looking for work to find work ) and I searched the local newspaper online. I found a few jobs but at list two that I am really into. One is a Teller for a local bank called the First CommonWealth Bank. I gave them my updated resume and a cover letter with a reference page. I wanted to give them everything they would need to make the choice they need. Also, I applied for this anonymous local company in the paper said they were looking for an Executive Secretary / Administrative Assistant. I gave them the same treatment as I did for the bank. There is another job I am not too crazy about getting and that is a Laborer job from the CWDS website. I figured that if I don’t get the jobs I want then I’ll get a job regardless cuz we need more income coming in. Badly.
I got my copy of my Citizenship last week and I am very happy to have it but now it is kinda like ‘now that I have this, now what?’ I gotta get my driver’s license of course. I passed the road test the same day I got my Citizenship copy and so I have my permit. There is a program I am part of and word is that they offer a driving course that I want to take part of. I kinda have to wait to hear anything back from that.
On a good note, I went up to Parker and came back with virtually everything that was in the camper I used to stay in. It was a lot of stuff there so I am glad to have it back but most of the great stuff I was hoping to get wasn’t in there. They are either in the wind or they are still with the other half of my stuff. I can only hope that I can still find a way to get a hold of them.
The people upstairs should be out of their apartment around the 1st of May so we are probably gonna move our things up there as soon as we can get the key to get up there. I gotta move the water and electric upstairs and everything but that shouldn’t be too hard to do in this upcoming week.
I haven’t done much in the department of productive recreational. I have been playing a lot more online than I have been in the past and it is fun. But at the same time I really should get on top of what my brothers want me to do. I gave my word that I would do it and I am a man of my word.

·         Contact CareerLink about the job postings I am interested in and hope that they can do something to sell be better than I can.
·         Get a hold of the HR Department of FCB and see if they are still searching for the Teller Position sometime next week.
·         Find one additional place to apply to
·         Start the driving course
·         Get my driver’s license
·         Contact someone ( police potentially ) about my other half of my belongings
·         Find out when the upstairs neighbors move out
·         Get the key from the landlord
·         Move all our belonging upstairs
/// work in progress \\\