Monday, August 29, 2016

Not Good Enough for Mom

Lately, for some reason I cannot remember, my dad had most if it's pretty busy lately.

There was a week that the boss, Michael and his wife Diana, had some trip that they went to ... or maybe it was some sort of concert. So dad had to be in State College the entire week ... which means that he needed me to drive him up there and be bored for several hours as he works ... the entire week. So I'd wake up, change clothes cuz I couldn't always find the time to shower, and leave with him to State College.

Then the next week, we had to rush a 1500 t-shirt order by Thursday and it was Tuesday ... and we were just starting to learn and loss the equipment. CJ and Tyler had to alternate 12 hour shifts with Josh and Terry. I had to transport the whole time and drive dad to work and State College and the Renovo trip.

And that weekend, I wanted hang out with Amanda. She said she changed but that didn't really matter to be cuz I knew better. No, I wanted to go somewhere where I don't get asked to rotate dogs that I don't like or own ( I don't like dogs ) or to get tea cuz dad can't get it himself cuz he's in pain or to put away everyone else's dinner.

But instead, a personal friend of Michael's was in town for business and requested me personally ... by freaking name! Would have been exciting ... if I didn't already have plans to mentally "check out". So I struggled through the weekend of working with Michael's old mentor, Gene, and his two workers, Eric and John, and his grandson Nick ( who I called Peter Parker ).

I did end up going to Jennifer's pace buy only to have my clothes washed cuz I was worried about bringing poison sumac back to the house. So I showered as she was very pissy about me coming over just to shower and have my clothes washed ( completely understandable ). Then I passed out on her couch as James and her watched some sort of horse show on Netflix. I woke up and immediately rushed home.

I did have the family's only car. Totally only gone for two hours after working for Gene.

Yet, last week, mom ( a.k.a. Sue ) has been on my ass about everything. Throwing in my face that I almost ran a red light months ago ( because if a flashback of Jasmine, which none cares to know ) even though she allows me to drive everyone else, including her daughter, husband and son everywhere. But when it comes to her, I try so damn hard to impress her so she can feel comfortable with me driving her but she won't have it. She keeps bringing it up to shut me down for everything that requires trust.

And she says that she can't trust me to leave to go to a friend's place cuz I don't come back on time. And it isn't like I don't. There was this one time that a family emergency occurred and someone else had to use their car. There was no real reason to have be back on a particular day. I didn't have the car or anything. I think they just wanted their slave back.

And then she complained about James and his "women" and then they got into it. James saying she doesn't give two "sugar coated fucks" ( his words ) until she realizes she gets less attention from him and she complains that he is gonna get diseases and what not with all the "exercise" he is involved him. Then it becomes girlfriend bickering back and forth until someone walks away.

And it had been that way for about a while with her. Yelling at us. Bitching a lot more often. And especially at us ... which is very rare.

And in Friday, since I didn't get to have a relaxing weekend, I decided to try again. This time with Monica ( a girl James threw towards me cuz she is a "good girl" ).

But dad had a wedding to duo but since he knows I hate weddings ( for many different reasons ) he said he wouldn't need me but if he did it would only be for a few hours. But Sue went postal. Saying that everyone cancels on him when he needs it.

Not like I haven't been working my ass off for the pass 3 weeks. Even skipped a outing with my friends because of dad's boss's mentor who knew my name. DaFaq!

And what really pissed me off was when Sue said that I shouldn't leave just to get a piece of ass. I wanted to slap her and throw the car into the fucking mountain side. How dare she confuse me for James's escapades.

I try to put thought and faith in the people who probably don't deserve it but I'm the king of second chances so I believe people can redeem themselves. But that comment she made about Monica being a piece of ass ... hurtful.

I haven't been able to really be able to talk to her straight since then. But with James ...she didn't need me for much of anything other than to complain that I'm not doing enough ... when her other sons also until 2 in the afternoon and she watches tv with Josh all day.

Yea, the life I am forced to live ...