Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tower Security and Something Lost was Replaced

Yesterday, Zach took me and CJ to DuBois to get him a game and eat Chinese Food ... on his dime. Having other people pay anything for me never sits well with me. However, Zach is like Tye in TOW form. Hard for me to say No to him.

I was even able to get a foundation weapon for MAD's "Ebo Aku" since Lynnanne and Co. lost/sold/gave most of what we had away ... and his Ebo Aku was one of the things that wasn't waiting for him when we came back.

I gave it to him last night. He was in the storage cubbie hole in the attic ( my room, the Tower ). He seems ... happier, when he reached out for his new 'pencil'. Hopefully, he works for him.

However, coming home, Mom ( Sue ) informed me that she gave Tyler a key to get into my room. He lent me a cable cord so I could try to get the PS3 to work again since I finally got that back from Matt ( Zach's friend who now lives with AJ ). But I ended up just buying a HDMI cord for it so I didn't need it anymore but he said that he'd let me know if he needed it again.

Well, he needed it yesterday and instead of trying to send me a message or anything, mom just gave him the key to get into my room without bothering to try to contact me for my permission or just to let me know.

Times like these makes me wish that Spencer wasn't right. He said he swapped out our key for a fake one. If she ever actually needs to get into the Tower for an emergency, we'd eat that 'bullet' ( so to speak ). But she didn't need anything in the Tower. Tyler wanted something and they were going to go into my room to search for it. It wasn't like the damn thing was visible. I put it in a drawer that anyone who wasn't US would have known it was there. They would have had torn the room apart to just find it.

I hate it when he is right. I hate that Mom ( Sue ) had no respect for me, even though I have tried really hard to respect her and her space and her rules and who she is.

Spencer always hates TOWians because they just do whatever they want. And with each passing day, week, month, year ... he seems more and more right.