Friday, June 2, 2017

Why I Am Selective

I do not choose people easily to be close to me. Maybe because people are truly unreliable at their core. And what I mean by people, I mean mainly TOWians. Michael got me to trust these people but more and more Simon's thought of these people are truer than anything else.

Misti, my assistant ... well now my ex-assistant, told something to the Queen of the Household that I told Misti in confidence. She told her something that Simon said I shouldn't have shared with her to begin with.

She shared the fact that Jasmine messaged me. Granted, I didn't reply because of the PFA, but her communication has significance. Both negative and positive.

She had no right to tell the Queen that information. Especially with our recent conversation of friendship. She wondered why I kept people at such a distance. And now she has pointed out on why.

She made a move that concerted her demotion and personally decline to me. Sadly, I feel I have lost an asset. However, if she is willing to break that level of confidence, I cannot even consider her a friend.

Same with Jennifer. She asked me to come and visit / help and she brought other people around and keeps trying to get me to explore Clearfield and even had someone over. Some one I never met or know her associates.

Keeping me in an unsafe and uncomfortable environment.

And this is why I choose to be alone over anything else