Thursday, June 8, 2017

Car Accident

Last night was a long night. Since dad didn't like doing Board Ops, I worked board op for like 5 hours because of weather delay and didn't leave the station until 1 in the morning. Immediately leaving the building, I got the car in a ditch. :(
How you may ask?

Dad says not to tell mom it was from lack of sleep. I'll let him believe it was. I tried trekking my assistant that I saw something but she has been more and more difficult to communicate with.
But honestly, I'm not sure. Before, while in the office, I was dealing with Haven crossovers so that might have something to do with it.

But who can I even tell that to m not the PUs. They'll over react or not understand. Both my therapist are MIA for a week.

Regardless, even though Zach was hard to get a hold of, I was able to with dad's help since he knew their house number. Zach and Uncle Larry pulled the car out of the ditch and I was able to drive home after an hour.

When I came home, I got bitched at because dad didn't have insurance on the car yet because he was slacking on it. I just ended the conversation early to go to bed.

I wasn't planning in going anywhere today but dad needed someone to drive him to state college, even though I cancelled going to skills so I can have a moment to myself.

Gawd, I know I can say no but I said No 3 times yesterday and 1 time prior to that and I believe one this morning before I realized he wasn't going to let me rest about it.

I'm starting to really hate everything here.

I'm losing almost every and all reason to be here.