Monday, June 12, 2017

Birthday that They Don't Believe

Today is my birthday. MY own birthday! Something that a lot of TOWians seem not to be able to get when it comes to seeing my identification papers. At least the ones I am suppose to allow anyone to see.
It was a day I honestly forgot about in Haven and because of the time and space difference, I am not even sure how accurate it is. It is the closest U.S. could get to,an exact approximation of it.

And coincidentally, it was also the date of the start of my introduction and imitation into U.S. and the NJS Project.

The date didn't mean too much to me until I meant Jasmine. Her birthday is 6 days after mine. Xavier's birthday is 6 days after that! Honestly, to me, it all felt and seemed destined. And I never believed in fate and destiny ... until them.

Until both of them. They made me into a believer. They gave me a reason to celebrate the survival of another cycle of this hellish existence here on this other world.
Now with them gone, it is a constant reminder of my failure to MY family. MY birth month is a reminder of MY failure to MY family.

And the Myers' clan help no better. Half of them wouldn't or couldn't care less and the other half thinks I am lying because my identification papers ( that survived ) say different. Even though mostly everything else on them are wrong too.

It hurts that Sue made it seemed that even though I have told her respectively, that my birthday that I celebrate is on the 12th of June, I feel she'll try to celebrate the date of The Lost Original.
That disappoints me. But Simon says that TOWians are experts at disappointment ... and with each passing day / week / month / year ... THEY never really cease to prove him wrong