Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Prelude to the Return

Well I've been gone for a long time. Something very bad happened. My wife, Jasmine, told me that she has been sleeping with AJ for an ongoing year and that she was in love with him.

I honestly lost it. I attempted to kill myself. Took the only knife in the house and started slashing my arm, wrist, chest and neck. The police came and sent me to a psych ward and then to jail where I waited 10 months and 16 days to plea down to a 9 month sentence. Criminal system right?

Well I'm out now currently living with my adopted sister Lynn, her husband Josh and their bitch of a friend Bridget.

Starting over. Lost my apartment. Most of my stuff. My wife. My son. Even some so called friends. I gained 2 diagnosis: depression and PTSD. I'm trying to rebuild the life that I thought was perfect with less than I started off with.

This is my on going progress...