Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lesser of two EVILS

I'm kinda sick between a rock and a hard place. I've been meaning to move outta Lynn's for a while. I want to trust her husband Josh that sometimes acts like my friend but goes to her with everything I say in "guy confidence". And Bridget is a complete and utter bitch! She is gonna be the reason I go back to jail. And Lynn...oh my gawd, Lynn is a different issue all together.

All together, being with Lynn and crew isn't doing me any better mentally. That and I really don't have much money to myself because Lynn tells me that I owe her like "so much money". If I don't get out soon then I'm stuck for a long while.

And then there is my second option which is with Lynn's father and my adopted dad Chuck. He couldn't duo much for me while I was I jail because He wasn't allowed by the warden but he's always been available when I called on him. Whenever him or his now wife Sue and their kids heard my cry they came to help every time. However they are in the hole too because of some unforeseen situations and they'll ask for money too but as long as it isn't Sue directly asking I'll be able too say bio for the most part.

But something negative, personal and private happened between these two factors of my life and things got intense. The situation deflated a bit but there is still tension. One side does not want to see the other and I'm I the middle and I hate it! Lynn its making me choose either Team Lynn or Team Chuck and it kills me.

What's worse? Tomorrow is the Theory of a Deadman concert is tomorrow and I already planned a date for it with Natasha. Nothing serious just friends. My eyes are still on SunShine. But Natasha seems to love Theory so I might as well bring her right.

But my ride was Chuck and if I can't talk to him then I can't get him to pick us up for the concert. And fuck if Bridget is gonna let me use her car after me still sitting on the fence between this Lynn vs Chuck thing.

Grrr Bullshit! Utter Bullshit!