Saturday, February 1, 2014

Doctor Who stole my Life

So I have been watching Doctor Who whenever I go over to my friend Josh's place and the more I watch it the more I realize that there is a connection between the world(s) of Doctor Who and my own.

For instance, I have a brother. His name is MIchael Aaron Davis. He is kind of an estentric person. Really into individualism and personal expression and all that. Well, David Tennent's version of the Doctor is very much like that. Actually it is kinda of erie how close he is to my brother Michael. He even used to have these friends who weren't friends but more like companions in his crusade for individualism. They were loyal to him and they followed his beliefs and his actions, just like how DT's version of the Doctor is.

And then there is my brother James. He is like Captain Jack Harpness. Chrismatic, a charmer and he swings anyway availiable ... just like James. James likes being the center of attention and he is very much a people's kinda of person when you are around him. James isn't much of a hero but he is very much a romancer like Captain Jack is pretrayed to  be.

Then you have my other brother, Spencer, who is more like the original first Doctor. Thinks he knows it all and sometimes ends up knowing a lot but not everything. Grumpy and very annoying to have around but sometimes neccesary when you need a portable Think Tank.

Now, I haven't gotten far in the Doctor Who series. I watched some of the first season of the Classic Doctor Who and I have watched up until the very last season of David Tennent's tenure as the Doctor but from what I hear from people is that there is a War Doctor. I don't know much about him but I have a feeling that I can relate to this War Doctor. Personal decisions and close calls have given me experiences that can be related to someone that had to make a huge choice that affected his "people". I am looking forward to seeing this Doctor and the one that follows DT's Doctor to see where they fall within my messed up family tree.

It is creepy watching it though. Seeing the adventures that they go through strongly reminds me of the misdaventures that Michael would tell me about. Now there isn't any ET experiences or anything but when you put it in people's term then I can totally see how it is related to the stories and experiences I have had with Michael.

It is almost like ... they took it from our minds. Okay, I gotta stop talking like this. It is getting too creepy because it is starting to get too real lol