Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dark Days Ahead

So I turned in my XBox 360 to get repaired because it wouldn't read newer games. Might not have been the best time to do so. I say this for multiple reasons.

Reason 1)
Now I am going to be bored until it is repaired. Yea, I have a PS3 but that has seriously taken a backseat in the gaming department because I have a SD TV and the PS3 is mainly designed for HD TV quality. Also, I have played most of my games. Granted, I haven't beaten some of them but the ones I haven't beaten I either don't have the space to install to play or I am inches away from breaking my Gaming Golden Rule of trading in a game at GameStop prior to beating it to my fullest effort on my part. So now I am looking at playing games that I am less than interested in playing or ( now don't look down at me for saying this in the manner that I am saying it ) I am going to result to interacting more with my wife and son.

Reason 2)
Nothing is wrong with interacting with my family but I seem to fail at interacting with people in general. My wife tends to get upset because of the way that I am. God Bless her Heart for staying with me as long as she has because I do tend to upset her with the things that I say and sometimes do because of miscommunication. My son takes me pretty well and we get along well enough. He comes to me whenever he wants to show love and everything. He's a Daddy's Boy. And I love him even more for it. But even he has his moments.

Reason 3)
I have groups that I play with on my XBox Live account and now it seem that I am kinda letting them down. One group has to put the game on hold until I get my 360 back because it is a such a group element kinda game. I am not only missing out on gaming with buddies but I am missing out on some fun multiplayer games and some single player stories there. I am missing out on my XBox Live experience. And I just started a few games so handing my console over at this time wasn't exactly the best move.

Those are the three biggest reasons I am gonna not be the happiest person the next few days. <sigh>