Monday, February 10, 2014

That Abusive Feeling

There is something that just boils my blood and makes me heart stop for a moment and that is seeing abuse of any kind, be it physical, mental or emotional. I don't believe that anyone should go through being put down or threatened to experience life on a lower level.

I have been a victim of abuse, amazingly. Well, not amazingly, really, because it can and does happen to anyone. With me it was a combination of all of the above and it was from my family members. They would guise it under "tough love" or "how the world works" but it is poison that corrupts and festers from the inside.

I was helping my friend move from her apartment to another one downtown. This friend is a close and personal friend of mine and has been for a long time and she is kind of timid and shy but it is a sweet characteristic of hers. However, there are people that take advantage of that and even worse there are people who put her down just because they can.

While we were moving her stuff, we had help from her family members. I believe I was the only "friend" that came out to help her. Everyone was pretty understanding and helpful ... except one.

He has always been a dick to her but ... I don't know, maybe something told me that it was a family thing, or an inside joke kinda thing. What I kept thinking is that, "I am not involved. This isn't my business. She can handle herself. Someone else will step in." etc etc. I think that everyone who sees abuse kind of thinks along the same lines.

But something turned inside me with every insult he spewed at her. I wanted to step up. I wanted to tell him that he was doing wrong. But who am I? Just some guy, who will be told to mind his business.

So what is one to do? Stand up?  Speak when you know rocks of a different color will be thrown at you or that sleeping dogs will be awaken? Everyone has skeletons in their closest. I worry about mine being discovered. So I keep quiet. But keeping quiet means letting the bad people do their thing unquestioned and unopposed.

So I am left feeling hopeless, in the face of abuse.