Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Reason for the Union

I was talking to Casey on Friday and she was concerned for the reason for the marriage. It is a reasonable concern. We met in the summer and are getting married at the end of February ( the 29th ). By anyone’s clock, that is a little quick to be tying the knot.

She asked me why I am doing it so quickly. I had to admit that with our baby coming in July, it seems to be the right thing to do. In addition, I do love Jasmine very much. I think anyone that sees me with her knows that I truly do.

However, her concerns were that I was marrying Jasmine because of the child coming. I cannot deny that that is one of the forerunning reasons why I feel that a marriage before the new arrival is necessary. I have seen a lot of families without that union and it seems to be unstable. Sure, some people can do that. Some people can drink gasoline without getting a tummy ache. Some people can handle fumes from paint and metallic or chlorine without passing out. Some people do not have a mental disability weighing them down. I happen to not be these people. I know a lot of people have babies and the guy tends to see that the grass was greener were he was and without the link, he simply jumps back. Jasmine’s daughter, Tenia, her dad realized that he couldn’t handle being a dad and split.

I do not want such an environment. I want to assure Jasmine that I have no intentions of making such a cowardice move. That this child not only deserves to come into a world knowing that he has a functioning and loving family but that he is the glue that keeps us together. He is what will make this union complete. This child that is the combination of both Jasmine and myself. I have high hopes for him. Even more for myself since I will be one of the greatest influences in the child’s life. But so will Jasmine. So why not join together under such circumstances?