Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Peaks My Interests

It is kinda hard to think about what I am actually interested in. I kinda feel like an elementary kid when presented with that question. And even at that, what are they suppose to do to further their own understanding on what they are interested in?

Well, let me start off by listing out what I have found out I am actually interested in and why:

Videography / Photography
Ever since I left Clarion, I’ve been kinda crazy behind the camera. If you know me then you know that I have a YouTube account and that my FaceBook has a lot of photos on it. Mostly of things that are meaningful ( especially my YouTube Videos ) but after seeing LonelyGirl16‘s videos, she got me to try to expand the kinda videos I wanted to do.

However, since the townies from Clarion are douche bags and stole my camera and ruined my life … well, I haven’t really been in the capturing mood.

However, recently I have acquired a series of camcorders so maybe that’ll help me respark some interest in the self videoing scene that is YouTube.

I honestly don’t see my interest in this going farther than YouTube videos. I am not that good and it is hard for me to find anyone interested in the same ‘visions’ ( as my ‘brother’ Michael would put it ) as myself so … I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just do a series of ‘scrapbook in motion’ videos. Like family videos or something.

Now when I say this, I mean things like war games. Currently, I suppose the safest way to say this would be like Paintball Events. Or even playing Call of Duty but not the whole Team Deathmatch where you get infinite lives and play recklessly but the goal orientated modes where you have one life to complete the objective or either destroying the base or whatnot and you have to use your freakin head!!!

Believe it or not, I seriously miss that. I cannot join the military ( I’ve already tried and failed like Captain America before the injections ) and for some reason, this country region I am currently residing in does not do the whole paintball thing. They would much rather hunt with real guns during whatever season they aren’t suppose to do it in.

If I can find some sort of Paintball Place to … IDK … actually play Paintball, I think I will be very content. But for now, I have to wait on the return of my PS3 to enjoy virtual war games. And then I have to get the internet so that I can actually play against other players. Console games are designed for the player to win so that isn’t much fun after a while. However, it is gonna be the closest thing I can get to for a while.

My love. I ‘acquire’ as much Super Street, Import Tuners, Modified, Car and Drivers and Motor Trend. I want to be behind the wheel so badly I can sometimes smell the gasoline. I get all giddy when I see track races ( even NASCAR on occasions ) especially drifting and street races. My computer is slowly but surely getting loaded with YouTube videos of illegal street races and such.

I daydream racing the pretenders in this lame town and then moving to the next lame time and upgrading my ride using only the money I win in races. Just me and my ride.

But like the War Games, I live my daydreams virtually through the Need For Speed series and Tokyo Racer Zero for the PS2 … and in the magazines of course.

I’ve always been interested in solving mysteries. I’m no Sherlock Holmes or Professor Spencer but I still am very interested in crime dramas and true ( solve it yourself ) mysteries ( shocking after what I went through the few years back ).

But I won’t be able to join the force for the same reason I couldn’t join the military. I am too much of a liability to take on. But I still have a desire to catch bad guys. To use my brains and the brawn I have to crack cases.

I hear that I can still be a bounty hunter or a private investigator but I am not sure how much someone can do with as little actual experience as I have. But still an interests … I guess. I guess I wish I had more idea on how to go about this particular field.

/ / /

Wow, those are my interests. Video/Photography, Driving, Conflicts and Investigative. In a way, being a PI or being a bounty hunter would integrate all these things. Hiding in bushes taking pictures of conflicts and a lot of driving! But I am not sure what kinda training I’ll need for these things.

But this is what I think about each:

Experience: Networking and knowing people get people around this industry as well as having a decent portfolio. I think that they local V-Tech has a photography class. I might look deeper into that. However, to get a job that involves a camera is a penny in a ten dollar bill. Is it worth getting into or is it just a hobby?

Internet: I should start a real online clan and see what I can do with a group of people. I’ve always really been more of a solo act but team work is key in recognition. I currently have a clan of a member of one: DOGS OF WAR [DoW]

For that to happen on my PS3 I need the internet at my apartment. I need more money to get the internet.

Equipment: If I am to be an active paintballer then I need to get a paintball gun, a fun side air soft gun and protective gear. I have always wanted this kind stuff. Even have a wish list. But being a paintballer isn’t a poor man’s sport. It costs a nice amount of green that I current do not own.

I do not make enough to really even start as a novice.

Paperwork: I am currently on the process of getting my license. I have to go through a lot of red tape to even do that since I am such a special case … and I lost all my previous paper work that took me about a lifetime to get so … yea … those pencil pushers in the government sure know how to take their time.

I should be getting all my paper work in by January. I should have everything finalized ( especially my driver’s license ) by early February. So I am bouncing for February.

When I get my license, I am gonna see if I can get myself into some EVO ( Emergency Vehicle Operations ) classes. That would be extremely useful … and fun.

Academics: I am sure that I have to take some sort of classes for me to even really consider doing something like this. I hear that out West they have seminars that when you are done with the seminars that you get your certification to collect bounties.

Experience: I am sure that you can’t just just jump into the business. You need someone to show you the ropes. I currently don’t even know anyone like that. My ‘brother’ Danny does know a lot of people. He is, how you would say, “close to the streets” so maybe such connections would be useful.

But still, I have to put a lot of foot work in this business. And would it be good for someone who moves around as much as I do?

/ / /

Well, there it is. The things I am interested in and the things I have to do to get there ( vaguely ). Now I think in the next fifty some days, I have to make goals related to these interests.

Here comes PART II !!!!