Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hitting the Ground Running Like Hell!!! ( PART II )

Alright, after some mental crunching, I have a better idea on what I want to achieve to better forward propel my life. It won’t be easy and with just a month, even the little things are gonna have to make the difference.

The Four Main Topics of Interest were: Driving, Investigative, Video/Photography and Conflict ( read: What Peaks My Interest to read more on these ), So let’s try for one goal for each.

Serious’s Main Goals

Work out a way to pay for the purchase of a vehicle
Solve a Case / Problem
Create at least one vBlog to post on YouTube
Get PS3 back and dedicate Sunday to online gaming
*Get within 5lbs of 200lbs weight wise

Thinking up some of these goals are not easy. I even had to ask Jasmine for some help about what best these four goals above should be.

And I have to keep in mind that I have other things to take care of, such as my side Essential Daily / Short Term Goals, that also include the upcoming holiday seasons, I have to take care of. There is also another side task that I am trying to put together that will be revealed come New Years Day ( if not New Years Eve ). More on the New Year Surprise closer to the closure of the year.

Now, let me break down the goals.

A lot of people say that they want a cheap vehicle but really what is cheap for me? How long will I go? What is too cheap and what is acceptable? I am not exactly rolling in the money or anything so I have to be very lucky and find a cheap car or I have to find a way to come up for a way to pay for a half decent one. I have a month and a half to come up with a solution.

First I think, I want to find out what kinda car I want. And from there, I can make a better choice. So for this week or two, my main focus is to find out what kinda used car am I looking for? A Subaru? A Celica? Eagle Talon?

[ ] Discover what kinda car I want to get.

I know that it vague but let me elaborate on that some more. Years ago, I helped a friend of mine we were forced to call The Professor ( since he was so smart ), play this online game that was similar to the anciently popular Carman Sandiego franchise. They would supply use clues and we would have to find the location to the next clue and so on. Nothing amazing but fun in it’s own respect.

Now, I’ve heard of such things as Murder Clubs where the same basis is followed. A group of people gather to solve a crime one of them have orchestrated. Now, with location being a problem that the internet has solved, I believe that I can get myself into one of these group that have digitalized itself online.

So my goal here is to:

Plan A [ ] Find an Online Murder Club

If that fails, then I can fall back to the original concept.

Plan B [ ] Just solve a problem that isn’t my own.

I see a lot of people still doing the YouTube thing. Honestly, it almost wouldn’t matter if a lot of people did it or not. I want to do it. I want to push myself to connect somewhat to THIS WORLD. And honestly, between myself and Vincent, we have very informative and entertaining conversations.

And if it isn’t a vBlog then I want to put another short film like I have in the past. ( check out: to see some of my earlier stuff ) Nothing really impressive but everyone starts somewhere. I guess I am hoping that I can do something that LonelyGirl15 did but that is seriously shooting for the starts. Lol

But I do have my ‘brother’ Michael Aaron Davis to help me with a few things. He had a pseudo organization back in the day all based about being creative so maybe he can help me if I want to do a few more pilots. The hard thing will be to get others to be interested in something that won’t have any return and that might not go away.

Hence why I am gonna push for a vBlog. It can be simple and most likely will be directed to either Vincent or the world ( like my New Years Resolution video was to both in a way ).

But I suppose my goal for the next two weeks will be to:

[ ] Design a topic to discuss for 5 - 10 minutes for vBlog

Since this town does not have a paintball business, league, organization or club, that idea is currently out the window for this month and a half task. That and it is getting closer and closer to winter. Best to try to stay inside anyways.

Luckily, the next time I am able to get myself and Jasmine to DuBois, we can get the console back. And when I do get it back, I’ll ask Rick ( our neighbor ) if we can use his internet ( even though he already said it was okay ).

I want to cut down my gaming time but concentrate on my skill ( if that makes sense ). There are other things I should be doing but since this is the only way to get my CONFLICT fix then so be it. But I want a good balance. So I am going to try keep gaming to a weekend basis. Mostly Sunday since the least amount of work has to be done on that day.

Hopefully, I what I want to do is hone my skills and get some good friends online who want to play on a clan too. This will require possibly some forum work and whatnot. Finding people who aren’t the best at turning the sensitivity to the max and throwing away lives like tissues on Deathmatch Maps won’t be easy but I am sure that there are some there.

[ ] Get PS3 from VGX

I know this isn’t one of the top four main goals but I figure that I’d add this to the list because it is something that I want to do.

Most people want to go to the gym or they want to go on some fancy diet. I think if I skips on the extra snacks and do more that I’ll be alright. I don’t have too far to go to make my goal but I do want to at least be more active.

So my top priority for this goal is to be more active.

[ ] Jog 2x a week