Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hitting the Ground Running Like Hell!!! ( PART I )

Okay, I’ve been absent but that is acceptable considering I don’t have the internet at home. I never had it. I just use it on occasions that I have access to it. So I am trying to type up entries at home and the upload them whenever I have the chance.

But back to what I should be planning. The New Year is around the corner. About 55 days to go and then twenty eleven is gone. So I have about a month and a half to achieve something.

I’ve been on Vincent’s ass about being active with the plans in his head but here I am with close to nothing. Mostly just waiting for the new year to turn so I can start on a few other things. ( Getting the government to sent out documentations for authorization takes forever and a lifetime!!! )

So I am going to try to dedicate myself to making something work between now and the New Year. Not just the Essentials ( things I HAVE to take care of ) but also the Legacy that I desire to make for myself.

The problem ( or rather the obstacle ) that lays before me here is to define what I really want to be remembered ( or at the very least, known ) for. So I suppose I have to do some inner looking. And to save my viewers the eye strain, I’ll make separate posts. The next post should be what I am interested in while the one after will be about what I either have experience at or what my skills are. Something like that.

See you at PART II !!!!