Saturday, November 26, 2011

Veil of the Unknown

I was reading the blog of a close and personal friend and realized that what he was blogging about months ago should have been put to the test in my own life ages ago.

He was talking about how the fear of the Unknown ( or even the idea of going against the mainstream of normal ) can prevent us from doing a lot. I mean, a lot of people puff their chest and say that they don’t follow mainstream or that they do as they want but in reality … they are just fooling themselves. I have to say that about 90% of people that I see or even walk pass or encounter fall under the category of fearing the Veil of the Unknown.

They either do things out of fear or don’t do things out of fear. Be it fear of rejection or un-acceptance or whatever they case may be. I even fall under this category. There are two automobile businesses that I’ve walked to walk into and offer my free volunteer services in hopes to get my foot into the labor business. However, day in and day out, I find myself not erasing that from my ever changing list of things to do.

I am sure that isn’t the only thing that I prevent myself from doing out of fear of one thing or another. But after reading my friend’s post, I wanted to face fear. MY FEARS. The small things that I shied away from because I feared success or rejection mostly. I want to put myself out there and at least say that I did it. I made the effort. I want to … have the courage to make some changes. J