Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is this what I want?

So I figured that best thing to assess Misti Quick will be as a personal assistant. Might be what I need more than anything else.

A few days ago, she said she didn t want to have sex anymore and that frustrated me. Like, "Am i doing something wrong?" And she didn't explain much of anything so I went back to Work Mode and focused on Things To Do.

Then she came over yesterday and we got into like 3 arguments.

1. About whether I am what she wants to hang out and do shit with
2. She expressed that she only got with me at first cuz she just wanted to hook up ( aka she was horny ). I waited for her to say something like, 'but things have changed since then' but that never came
3. I said when I got with her, it was because James suggested that I needed a cuddle buddy because he thinks that I needed physical contact that was 'safe'

3 arguements in 1 day ... this isn't a good thing.

And she doesn't ever want to talk things through. She doesn't want to make an effort for much of anything. I have to ask myself ... if this what I want?