Monday, April 18, 2016

Favoritism Wins Everytime

So ever since dad knew me, he knew I would love to work security anywhere. I did it a few times in Clarion and I loved it! Mostly basement bands and parties that required cover charges.
Hell, I met my first love, Amanda, when I was bouncing.

But yesterday, I was resting on the couch while he was talking to CJ about getting him some sort of certificate or permission or whatever so that he can start bouncing at some place or another with Bobby.

First off, WHAT THE FUCK?! I bust my ass here on a daily to make things work. I help mom with laundry, dishes, trash and three fucking dogs that I hate. I don't do that because I love doing things that I hate, I do that cuz I live here and I pull my weight and I care about these TOWians. Same fucking reason why I go to work and bust my fucking ass with/for dad either at the station or wherever he needs me without pay or compensation. Because I fucking care. And it is the same reason I drive the boys to places they want/need to go. I pull my weight around here that rivals the head of household and ... I get passed over for a dream job that I would have loved because CJ and Bobby are his sons even though it is usually a struggle to get them to do much of anything! And they are arrogant and ignorant and over confident. They would be perfect for fucking it up.

And me with my social anxiety problem would not be an issue because I don't have to socialize. I have to regulate. I have to tell people to pay before they enter. I have to control situations before they become a problem. I would have to be the presence of the result of acting a fool at our establishment. I am trustworthy and dedicated and focused.

Not them.

I push myself to prove themselves and they ... they couldn't give two shits because they know that if they ask ( or don't ask ) they'll get what they want.

I can't even get a fucking room to myself and they get a upper duplex to themselves.

If this isn't bullshit, then I don't know or even understand what would classify as that.