Thursday, March 24, 2016

Their Agenda vs My Agenda

So, since I told mom about me planning on moving out, things have gotten ... a little stressful to say the least. Granted the plan isn't really formed yet but I am working on the details. Looking at locations and apartments. Checking out places for affordable used cars. Looking for opportunities in different areas. Doing research and all and trying to form somewhat of a plan on moving forward.

However, with mom, she simply wasn't happy with the idea. Dad started making moves to add the other side of the duplex to our household financial responsibilities. She said that the reason they even got the other duplex was to move me in.

Which is weird cuz they moved Bobby and CJ over there and I can't live with them with their recreational activities and then inviting random people in and then not doing much of anything since I've been there.

No thanks. I don't want to do everything while they get high with every Jane, John and Jones that they bring in.

If they offered me the other side of the duplex with set rent and shit, that would make sense but they just added responsibilities without having much of a way to pay for it without me.

Well, at least I'll be in the better half before I leave. I'll be rooming with my brother, Tyler so no real privacy but at least I'll like my roommate. And I'll have a room. A shared room but a room nonetheless.