Monday, January 25, 2016

He said, She didn't

So yesterday, I was home with mom, waiting for my Life Manager to come in for her appointment. The boys sluggishly got themselves to school and Tink was her usual cranky self but Mom got her to school on time. Dad and Mom were having their usual back and forth. Dad teasing too much and Mom … well, she wasn't in the best of moods for it. Dad likes pushing Mom though and she laughs about it so I shouldn't be worried, right?

Well, after he left, James and her talked a little. Shared some point of views while I was bringing clothes downstairs from the upper rooms. We threw some clothes into the wash and took care of some of the dishes before I dragged James upstairs to watch me do some simulation training. It didn't take long for Mom to come upstairs to use the bathroom. When she got out, James couldn't wait to resume girl talk. I tried to go back to the simulation. I needed a release as of late and this was my best way of getting it.

But I did keep one ear open. Mostly, Mom talking about how Dad plans on using her money. This, that and the third. Dad is making plans on what to use the money for and Mom doesn't feel that he is going through it with her. She feels that he is just gonna use it and she just gonna be okay with it. I cut myself in and asked her “Have you tried talking to him about it?” She replied that she has but he shushes her up saying, “Do we have to talk about this right now?” No matter what time it is. I then asked, “Do you push the issue?” where she replied that she has simply given up at this point. I returned to my exercise. Lose cause if she isn't willing to fight for what is hers.

But James is all sympathetic. Trying to sound like he cared about her but whenever I looked at him I knew what he was staring at. Jeez, constantly calling her “Mom” constantly isn't working as much as I would like.

But she started going off about how he promised Bobby and myself a car. And then she started talking about how Dad wanted to use some of her money to help re-launch Dad's online business and that he is gonna repay this person and that person with her money. Then she started saying that Dad was going to repay the boys for him using their survival benefits to pay for rent. I zoned out and focused on my performance. I hated getting a low score. I needed to achieve something to feel like I was still keeping my skills some what sharp.

Then she started saying that she didn't understand why she had to re-pay people for living here. Spencer happened to walk by and I noticed he stopped. He tapped my shoulder and I paused my simulation.

“Wait a minute here,” I started, “You mean paying for the rent here?” She said yea.

I kind of understood. When I was moved in, dad said that he would repay the money I put into the family. I was gonna factor out 300$ and consider that rent even though I don't have my own room. And I rarely ever use anything that isn't already offered to me. And if I do want/need to use something ( such as the SUV ) I try to make sure I have the money to cover for the gas ( not maintenance because that argument is ridiculous in my opinion ).

I sat up to listen better and even Spencer got closer as he removed his glasses. That is “more serious” maneuver.

She continued saying that that arrangement between Dad and I was never discussed with her at all. I asked her that since they were married wouldn't/shouldn't they have discussed and agreed on it. She said no.

Spencer shook his head and replaced his glasses. “I knew these T.O.W. People were not worth the trouble.” And with that, he walked back downstairs to work on his terminal.

And then she started to say that she shouldn't pay for me to get a new car because she didn't wreck it. Matter of fact, she was against anyone else driving it other than me and her. Since Josh wrecked it, then Josh should pay for it.

I just shook my head and let James continue talking to her while I went back to my simulation. I needed to beat the crap out of something.

Next, I need to figure out an exit strategy ...