Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sibling Status - CJ

I don't know what I am feeling today. Today I am feeling ... angry. I have to stop feeling angry because being emotional is what got me sent to jail this time around. This feeling and the thinking that comes afterwards.

Today, CJ ( my brother from the 4th adopted family ) likes fucking with me. Mostly because the last time we wrestled I didn't end up on top before we had to stop. It angers me that I lost and I want to fight him again. But I don't want to ... I fight dirty whenever I feel I need to win. Because even though winning isn't everything ... it is the only thing to matters? Why?

Losing meaning future teasing because I believe that CJ is a bully at heart. Not a major bully. I low level one. A bully that people like. Not a bully that beats up the small guy but a guy that fucks with people mostly because he can. That's a bully, right? "Low level" is the term that the Professor uses.

Now don't get me wrong, he is still my brother and I still love him like I love all ( most ) of my families members that I have ever lived with. I just see him ... no maybe I am confused again. I get confused with this "normal" living. I feel like a TOW verteran trying to intergrate himself back into society without taking out personal targets as his own personal militiant.

No, I have to realize that that my experience doesn't neccesarily count as experience here. My past trauma ( aside from the one experienced with Jasmine ) won't be considered as relevant. So I have to get over it.

So all in all, I have to not get into a fight with CJ or anyone else ... even though it would make me feel good but it would make the situation that I live with more difficult. Okay let's say that I lose to CJ then it just gets worse but if I "win" then I'll be seen as a threat and danger rather than the nice, gullible, weak guy that they think I am. God, this sucks. I have to either find a way to be assertive without seeming like a push over bitch or I sit in the status of being a push over bitch.

God, today is not a good day is it ...