Monday, March 19, 2012

So there are several areas of my life that still need improvement. Employment, Credentials, Residence and Recreational. Thinking about Vincent and his methods, I suppose that mine need steps that I plan to tackle to achieve my own goals.

I have applied to two locations since last week and I want to concentrate on these two positions. One is a Clerk at a Local Video Store and the other is an Accounts Payable Clerk at a local Hotel Franchise. I have called the owner of the Local Video Store about the position telling him how interested and excited I am to be a clerk at his branch nearest to me. I tried to get in contact with the Manager of the Hotel but with no luck. Maybe I’ll get her voice mail when I try to call again in the middle of the week. That way the ball will be on their court to get in contact with me and to let them know I am still very interested in the position.

I also signed up to be a volunteer at our local Library. My first day will be mid week and it will be for a few hours. I will probably need my brother Spencer’s help with that position since that is more his element but I do believe it will be mostly me on this job.

In the pursuit of regaining all of my credentials, I have managed to get a photo identifications card and my social security card. However, to get a Driver’s License, I need a new copy of my Citizenship Certificate. That has proved to be more of a longer process then I thought. Recently, I have sent in two passport photos and I hope that it is the final step in obtaining my Certificate. Now, I wait for them to either tell me that they need more proof that I am who I say I am or for them to issue me an updated Certificate.

I also want to return to my 2009 residence to obtain some of my personal belongings. That would take about 20$ in gas money. Maybe my original passport will be there and if that is the case, I can use that as a substitute for my Citizenship Papers.

We are expanding to a 2 bedroom location. My current landlord said that the apartment upstairs, which is two bedroom might be available in the next few up coming months. I plan on the next time I hand him rent money that I will bring it up and suggest that we simply move our lease from one apartment to another. Also, that he keeps us as the top priority in obtaining the residence. I wish that my previous representative didn’t retire from the program or else I’d have her put in a few good words. Mid Level Networking. Rent would go up 100$ but that has everything but electric and water included so I think that is a good trade off.

My brother Michael is trying to convince me to help him start up an old YouTube webisode he started ages ago called MWMN. Also, I want to do a mid year video to show what has happened since my last video … and a lot has happened. I still need more video footage that I plan to get with the upcoming weeks but I am confident that it might turn out nicely. With Michael’s idea we still need to get together and work on the storyboard. The MWMN isn’t an easy concept to try to make work so it takes some planning.

With everything said and done, I believe I should state my next three steps for each Topic.

Ÿ  Call the Local Video Store and see if they still have the Clerk Position open.
Ÿ  Call the Hotel and ask to speak to Manager. If Manager is out the ask to leave her a message.
Ÿ  Go to Library for Volunteer Counter Position and do the best you can and then some

Ÿ  Obtain 20$ for gas money to Parker.
Ÿ  Get in touch with contact in Parker about my personal effects and let her know that I might be coming down sometime.
Ÿ  Discuss with Driver what the plan is.

Ÿ  Clean the walls of the apartment back to their whiter shade rather than egg shell.
Ÿ  Sand and paint over punched hole in the wall.
Ÿ  Discuss potentially moving upstairs to landlord the next time we give him rent money.

Ÿ  Design dialogue for the MWMN webisode season 2
Ÿ  Design storyboard for the MWMN webisode season 2
Ÿ  Design plan on what to record in the next few upcoming months

These things should keep me busy for a while. Vincent, eat your heart out! Making moves baby!