Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progressive Morning

Today was a very productive day.

This morning, I called the insurance company about the accident Beauty had a few months back. They were asking for 105$ a month and that is just too high for our finances so I got them down to 50$ a month. I think the next time I talk to them, I will try to get them down to 25$ a month which would will be better allowed by our budget.

I also called SilverScreen, a local video store in our town, and asked them about the Clerk position they had open. They said that they were still looking for someone to fill in the position. I reminded them that I left my filled appliction and resume there a little over a week ago. I managed to get the name of the owner of the store, a Lenard Martin Jr., and looked up his number in the phone book. I got his number and gave him a call and told him, as a nervous potential, that I was very interested in getting the job. He said that he would look forward to finding my resume and application in the pool of applications. I hope that he sees that I am the man for the job.

I called the Holiday Inn Express inquiring about their Accounts Payable Clerk position. I didn't get too far with that but they are still looking so that is a good thing. I got the name of Julie being the manager who is the one who would be searching through the paperwork so that is good to know. I might try again later on next week to see if it is still open and that I am very interested in the position.

In class today, I was talking to the instructor, Candy, about Beauty's situation with her daughter and she said that she had a name of a lawyer who might be able to look into the sitution free of charge. Another step into the right situation. She also said that maybe it might be something worth bringing CYS into. I have to do more research with that.

It feels good to be working with the team again. Things are being done. Spencer helped make sense of the complicated stuff. lol

MAD wants to restart the MWMN broadcast for me. Maybe he is hoping I would help him with his Mad Image Inc broadcase but that would require that he actually do some artwork. We'll work around it.

Sadly James is kinda flirting with Nikki, something he shouldn't be doing but I got him to talk less to her. Other than that, I don't see any harm in him talking to Kay or some of his other friends. Just as long as they aren't too suggesting. At least Nikki knows that I am off limits.

Tobias likes the games we play but ... I have other things to worry about other than keeping him entertained. That's Michael's ( Mad's ) job.

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