Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Inability To Trust People To Do What I Want

So I went out with my 4th Mum, Jane, to complain about a few things but the real main reason was to find out what ring Jasmine got.

I know, what kinda person am I to be so manipulating. Well, if you knew me before Jasmine then this wouldn't be anything new. The world that I used to live in would have me not trusting people to do what I would need them to to allow for things to go smoothly.

Anyways, we go in and it happened to be the last thing we did there and it took some old school skills to find out that she got me the ring that I wanted. Exactly the ring I want. I mean, I gave her the choice of two and she picked the perfect one.

Now, how do you think I feel? ... like a dick. Not in the good scene either.

I have a long way to go if I am to be the man that Jasmine deserves. But this has proved me that I have to put my future wife on a better pedistool.

Jasmine, please forgive me.