Thursday, October 20, 2016

Unauthorized User

So lately, I've had Spencer in my ear about security on our devices. Mainly, the phone and computer. He had been worried that Nakoma has access to the computer that haired to have sensitive information on it. Not just dossiers and profiles of Peele were are involved with but also personal information to, from and on each of us personas. ( I know me personally still have pictures and videos of my wife and son on that computer and android )

But with Bobby gone off to Lancaster, I had less to worry about. Nakoma is going and only really wants to play games and listen to YouTube videos.

However, yesterday, Bobby came back. Some sort of check up after he had his teeth removed. I was concerned but figured I had time to fix the security protocols. Especially the Idol Protocols ( Protocol I, Spencer dubbed it ), being what happens when the computer is left inactive ( otherwise if the user is AFK ).

Last night, after my first Skype meeting with Doc, Spencer ran upstairs and was frantic. Saying one of "worthless neanderthals" were in the desktop downstairs. Coming down, I saw CJ in the computer, on my personal profile, playing a game. Bobby was in the other dude with Tyler. Conversation stopped when I was seen and they left. When CJ closed out his window, I saw our social media up. Skype, Facebook, folders, etc. Things I left up ...

Potentially, my private Skype session with my therapist was shared on my desktop downstairs ( or at the very least was noticed ). Conversations with assets, clients, friends and other family was also potentially accessed as well.

Would CJ access these things? Would he care? Would he use these things against us ( knowingly...or unknowingly )? And Bobby was close by. I still remember my rage when I found out he deleted a security protocol from my android in the guise of calling his girlfriend. I lost pictures of my son because of him.

I have no one to blame but myself. Spencer has been telling me to increase the security on our devices and information. Even if they will claim they wouldn't care what's on it, in dad's: Charles's words "if [ they ] wanted access to my stuff, I couldn't stop them", which doesn't settle well with Spencer about the sensitive and personal information we have accumulated over the past year.

Hell, had to reformat my phone and even with Recovery Protocols 3.4, enough information is still missing to be considered an annoyance.

Spencer is starting on a retaliation program to either act as a reactive protocol to digital privacy invasion from the family here or a break-in program to prove to Chuck that he isn't the only person with knowledge of computers.

I now have to up the security on our devices that hold and have access to sensitive and personal information. And this gives him not ammunition to petition U.S. relocation from the Myers.

Lately, his campaign to do so grits with each day and I'm losing footing to prove that they are still a viable resource.

I'm afraid that lately, the invasion of privacy, the inferiority attitude from the younger set of the Myer boys and Spencer's Slave Propaganda Campaign  isn't looking good in my favor. Relocation might be something that is going to happen whether I want it to or not.

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