Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Budgeting at Better Me Committee Meeting

So on the first, my case worker came over to where I work to have a meeting with me, mom and dad since that was where we all were. I was running late though because about an hour prior to the meeting I had to take Josh to work and I thought I had enough time to run him to with and come back.

When I came back to work, I had fifteen minutes left available for the meeting so I decided to talk about the main thing that I wanted to talk about, which was the December Budget. The December Budget that mom and me developed with the main source of income. 

To say the least I was proud of myself ... oh, and mom too.

Me and mom have been working on it for about a week or two and I felt it was kind of solid enough to present to dad as a goal for the month.

The meeting started off week enough but then dad started pointing out obvious holes in the plan. That the budget must have had unforeseen expenses and that unlike all the money the rest of the family makes, dad's money ( the biggest contribution ) was unknown and sporadic. We could estimate how much he'd get but not when he'll get it. 

That makes posing actual bills more difficult because even when based on everyone else's income we can pay all the bills and have plenty left over, the time the bills are due and reported that becomes irrelevant.

Then there is the idea that actual money is spent on food do that we can make it until assistance comes. And then there is the random, unknowable stuff like last month we had to buy spark plugs and the nee rotor. And then there I'd the cigarettes/snuff and random work meals.

However mom and me already considered much ( not all ) of these and we knew that showing dad the spreadsheet would require his own input.

He turned the spreadsheet inside out and in traverse but he couldn't figure out house we got our numbers because according to the spreadsheet we should have extra money at the end of the month but each month ... well we don't.

Nikki suggested that we make an actual account of what goes in and out of the household financially..

Walking Nikki to her car I spoke to her about dad's resistance to the work that we've done. Also, informed her that dad already pulled out three hundred dollars in cash from an account. I'm sure it went towards something that was needed or why else. I was already aware that under half of it went to food for the family.

I think we ( mainly mom and myself ) have to keep track of where they money goes and what not.  My thoughts are my own but I think mom suspects that dad is up to something.

Spencer suggested that U.S. have an exit strategy because this it's looking very simular to the Lynnanne situation. I'm going he's wrong ... but there is no harm in planning.