Tuesday, November 24, 2015

She is not Jasmine

So after Candi's no site, I was obviously still upset but I still have a few wise friends that I talk to. Mainly Kayelyn, who has been my platonic soulmate since we met and she has been my voice if reason ever since. She puts me in my place when I need to and she shows love and concern. She is a valuable asset to me.
I told her what was going on and she explained that I shouldn't be so hard on her. I then explained that it is a level of respect. Jasmine lost respect for me "as a husband" and that killed me hard then. It is that thought behavior that had her stealing money and having AJ sleep in our bed when I wasn't around and everything what. I swore I wouldn't allow that to happen again. No matter what.

Kayelyn replied:
Everyone deserves their own chance on their own merit, she isn't Jasmine.

She explained that she didn't mean to hurt me and I shouldn't allow a momentary flaw bar myself from someone great to me. Mom and Frosty said the same thing to me.

So I messaged Candi and talked to her about what I felt. She was remorseful and apologetic so I feel that she wasn't being malicious with her action. I told her my train if thought so that she sound understand where I was and how I got there mentally. She said she understood and said she would do her best not to let that happen again.

So things are kind of on track. We are taking and being lovey dovey. Can you believe that we haven't jumped into anything. What I mean is that we haven't sent any nudes or talked too naughty or jumped the gun with saying LOVE yet ( even though I feel we are heading in that direction ).

I'm feeling better with it all. I am gonna be more cautious but I try not to let that prevent our progress. I want this to work so I will put the effort for success here!