Thursday, August 11, 2011

Status Report of 1st Week of August

Public Announcement
I made it public that Kayla dumped me and that Jazmine and me are now together. The usual people were jealous. Chasity. Brittany. Sam a little. Most definitely Kayla. But what has me the most upset about Kayla is that on her facebook she tried to play the victim. She obviously forgot who dumped who.

Anyways, with me and Jaz, things are working out great. It is working out better than I expected. I still need to get over my paranoia and such because whenever she isn't next to me my mind thinks that she won't be faithful even though I know that she will be. I have to work on trusting her after a lifetime of being betrayed.

Obtain Funds for Original XBox repairs
I got the console to the Video Game Exchange in DuBois last Thursday and today I called to get a check up on the progress. I should get a call next week about what's up. I have 20$ saved up for it and I don't believe that getting the extra 10$ would be that hard. I am hopeful. I am dying to play a couple of XBox games.

Pay July Bills
I paid the water bill earlier this week. I sent in the money order and I even made a spreed sheet of my budget and I am content with what I created. I hope that it works out accordingly. :)

Print Out, Fill Out and Mail Out Credential Documents
Did this throughout the week. I actually finally mailed it out before I came to the library. So I am very content on my progress.

Obtain a Land Line in my apartment
Me and Jaz went down to Atlantic Broadband and it turns out to cost me 24$ for the first month and then 19.99$ every other month. I have to see if that fits the budget. There is one other phone service in Clearfield. It's Verizon. I still need to call them to see what they have to offer.